The Fantom Doorstop, Fantom Hardware's flagship product began with one product line and stocked in only 1 store in South Australia. 3 years later, Fantom Hardware now has over 50+ product SKU's including ranges in the fire safety and security hardware industry. With over 250 sub-distributors and 35 major distributors, Fantom products can be found in over 60 countries across the globe.


The Fantom Doorstop is the most viewed/searched doorstop product in the world and has been nominated for and won various accolades including the Design100, a grand finalist in the RedDot Design awards and a finalist in the GoodDesign Export awards.   

The Fantom Doorstop provides a high quality innovative solution for all project application requirements. The flush mounted pin alleviates trip hazards whilst maintaining a modern desirable finish. The concealed rare earth magnet technology ensures exceptional mechanical functionality. Offering a range of colour options and accessories, you will find Fantom Doorstop suitable for both residential and commerical applications.

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